Come to Life, Come to Art ®

HEL MORT® offers a vibrant programme that celebrates artists at all stages of their careers.

Our primary area of focus is painting, but we also frequently displays sculpture, photography, videography, and NFTs.

We want to present initiatives that are interesting, enlightening, instructive, and dedicated to helping artists and making contemporary art available to everyone.

Intellectual property of 4pet6, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.


The number of faces and portraits that depict the same subject with various emotions, colors, ideas, sentiments, and more makes 4pet6 one of the finest artists that you can discover online in 2022. His mesmerizing and odd paintings may even have the potential to mirror our souls. James Ensor created provocative surrealist masks that captured the conflicted feelings of Europe during the Industrial Revolution. Like him, 4pet6 is painting about a new era when the mental illness issues amongst current Europeans are even more obvious due to the advent of omnipresent digital technologies. Because his subjects in his paintings can occasionally appear as monsters or as smiling children, but always appear to be gripped by a tremendous amount of brilliant and dancing colours, his art style is somewhere between heaven and hell. 4pet6 is the kind of artist you want to follow if you’re looking for simplicity, diversity, and colour with a particular touch of human sentiments that is hard to find in 2022.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®

Intellectual property of Steven Van Hasten, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.

Steven Van Hasten

If you meet Steven Van Hasten’s painting for the first time, it’s like sitting at the table of Lewis Carroll’s Hatter and drinking a strange blue pinky tea with him, Alice, and the March Hare in a completely insane vivid world of pure illusion. Steven is the type of genius who elevates illustration above other art styles because, with his masterful skills, he knows how to mix incredible surrealism with some peculiar childish toys from another century, always offering some kind of joyful malincholia for something that we don’t really understand but can truly feel. Steven is different from other artists because, in some ways, he’s like a modern Salvador Dali playing with his colourful toys, creating very intricate, absolutely gorgeous, and shockingly perfect works of art in the process. Don’t think for a second that his art is simple because, with an accurate look, you can see how he’s working very hard on any minute aspect, colour, and personality to give narrative, strength, and poetry.
In a sentence, Steven Van Hasten is not creating art, but rather dreams, as only geniuses can.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®

Intellectual property of Oddaiart, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.


Oddaiart (Kathleen Grouper) is one of the best artists around who can demonstrate the amazing aspects of AI produced art as well as human abilities such as patience to discover the ideal picture generation after generation after days, maybe months. All of the paintings that we are showing everyone today were chosen by the artist following a long selection process. All of the colours, all of the figures, and every single word used as a prompt were examined day after day to produce a one-of-a-kind fantastic result. And what can we say about the subjects? All of the subjects are magnificent, spectacular, and perfectly balanced between ridicolous and exquisite; sometimes they appear like caricatures, while other times they look like the finest bizarre abstract artworks displayed in the world’s best art museums.
Oddaiart is genuine, original, and vibrant art. We present Oddaiart art to our collectors today not just for its quality, but also as a sign of the changing times: because we’re in 2022, in a fast-paced globalised digital era and we’re evolving, the world is evolving and improving, technology is evolving, and Oddaiart is evolving the art rules by creating fantastic pieces of art that will one day become the Picasso of the next generation.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®

Intellectual property of Joaquin Valdez Macher, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.

Joaquin Valdez Macher

Joaquin Valdez Macher’s art is the type of art to put in your life if your life is sad, grey, and dark since this artist has the ability to change everything in true colours, therefore we can say that Joaquin Valdez Macher’s colours can be an authentic remedy against modern melancholy. Joaquin is an artist who works on simple yet incredibly curated paintings that transport us all to a magical world of strange lights and allucinated tones that can be appreciated by anybody infact He does not force himself into installations or weird abstract compositions in order to gain a museal audience. His paintings are as pure, genuine, and honest as a child’s drawing. It’s as if Joaquin is painting with the ancient Ayahuasca or Mescalin magic, re-discovering in a modern fashion the ancient spiritual and lively world of native americans, thus we can claim that this art is one of the most real American artworks that you can observe in the market of modern American art. He’s most likely what we’d call a contemporary shaman! But in these strange magical compositions, all of his subjects are always white working class or white upper middle class from another century that look like our grandparents photos, so he’s giving us this strange combination of two worlds that fought each other long time ago but are now combinated in a unique spiritual way giving to all of us a peaceful sensation of love where natives and european invasors combined themselves in a unique no racist society. As a result, all Joaquin artworks are among the finest modern artworks created to demonstrate the force of integration, the melting pot, and a society without racial barriers that never existed but can now exist.
In a nutshell, Joaquin Valdez Macher is like Edward Hopper stepping outside of segregationist America and transporting us to a strange dimension where there is no time but just pure colour, allowing us to perceive the impossible as possible!

Come to Life, Come to Art ®

Intellectual property of Adrián Socorro Suárez, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.

Adrián Socorro Suárez

In this world, there are two types of artists: those who do art for personal pleasure, as a hobby, or to find excitement during the process; and those who do it for job, who are very expert and skilled, and aspire to reach the top in order to show the public their personal viewpoint of what constitutes art. But today we have a dilemma since we have an artist who does not belong to either the first or second category. Today, though, we are contemplating Adrián Socorro Suárez, and Adrian is something different. Adrián Socorro Suárez clearly makes his art for self gratification, but it’s also clear that he does it professionally, so this creator is in the middle of two aspects and only in this way is he donating us the finest, absolutely incredible, extraordinary, superb art that only true collectors can understand. Adrián paints ghosts and, like Francis Bacon, does so with such a personal point of view that we can’t resist but only find it awful and magnetic at the same time, his way of using his brushes is extremely seductive, fine, soft, his use of colour is like a hypnotic choreography, any aspect of his subjects are considered in their true nature because Adrián isn’t afraid of any censure or hiding the intimacy of pure sex! It’s as if Adrián is saying that no one can stop him, that no one can tell him what to do or how to do it, so he’s putting on his paintings a strong energy of independence that only a few people have today. Adrián is free, just like his art! So, if you’re looking for an artist who, like a Polaroid camera, can stop time and produce an instant look at the world, if you’re looking for an artist who, like a surgeon, can open this world with a bistoury and show us the deep side of our souls, if you’re looking for a great artist like the masters you’ve studied at school, Adrián Socorro Suárez is your artist.
Adrián Socorro Suárez is THE artist, not simply an artist.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®

Intellectual property of SalvoIn3D, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.


Where’s SalvoIn3D? Maybe somewhere else, in a far, far away realm where he’s the god of his planet and simple humans like you and me have no access because what this artist sees is definitely so unique that only he in fact can see the truth of his own dimension! Don’t ask SalvoIn3D what he was trying to reach, what he was thinking, or what he was representing when he created his masterpieces because you risk breaking the mystical mystery behind its outstanding art. Simply follow his path with interest and recognise all of the small puzzle pieces that he is offering you. Don’t rationalise at all, just listen to his melody, listen to what his art is trying to communicate to you because SalvoIn3D is not working on an artwork that is meant to be read but only felt by his admirers. Only now, when you know how to approach SalvoIn3D Art, can you sense the intense energy emanating from his artworks and recognise this artist’s remarkable skills! His subjects are exploring the deep human psyche like the finger of Adam is trying to touch the finger of God in the Sistine Chapel ceiling in Rome, in any single spot of his artworks you can find the heart of humanity questioning what life is and the answer is always in front of our eyes: Solitude. Immensity. Anxiety. Discovery. Cosmos. These five ideas are precisely the primary themes of SalvoIn3D Art, and he knows how to express all of them without ever being boring or pompous; rather, in his art, we always find something infantile, dramatically satirical, as only good philosophers can. SalvoIn3D works with 3D renders and new technology to show us the alternate state of conscience that we fall into every day when we dream or when we are alone for five seconds and recognise the connection between us and the deadly silence of the universe, when we’re connected with something bigger than us and we feel like microscopic ants fighting for a small insignificant piece of dirt that we call world. And that is this artist’s most captivating skill: remembering us, in an era of arrogant technology and ferocious egoism, who we really are.
Stop calling SalvoIn3D an artist; maybe we should start calling him POET.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®