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David and the Apocalypse

Some people are unique; they do not follow conventions and do not pursue a particular route in their lives. Why is this so? The answer is simple: They’re free. David Krause aka David and the Apocalypse is one of these people. 

David is free. David is so free that he does not conform to a specific art trend or form of art. He knows how to create beautiful AI-generated digital art, as well as hardcore music that will make you bop your head and photography that contrasts between both the beauty and the mysterious. But, to get to know this artist better, take it one step at a time! We begin with his photography, which is undoubtedly David’s most romantic and personal domain, where he finds his connection with the world. His photography is always a contrast for our eyes, made of places where nature and civilization merge to form an idealistic impossible connection, the shots are dark but in a good way, because they give us feelings of calm and relaxing walk where we live the philosophical connection with our true self and where we can remember how many things we can appreciate in solitude. However, when we look at his AI generated art, we instantly notice a stark difference with his photos, and we no longer find peace, but rather suspicious actions from alien shapes and diabolic allusions amid cloudy and desolate landscapes. We don’t know if these creatures spying on us from afar are malevolent or benign because they sometimes appear angelic, but the distance, the damned distance, changes everything. Are we the prey or the chosen ones in David’s strange art? We’re not sure, but we enjoy the intensity of these AI-generated creations. And now it’s time to talk about David’s Music, the actual spot where the true “apocalypse” begins. The artist’s most fierce and sharp side, where he expresses all his buried sentiments about the universe, existence, and the sense of things. It’s alternative hard rock, although we don’t want to categorise very much his sound because every statement can be reductive. His distorted vocal is reminiscent of old true rock stars like Marilyn Manson, and his amazing instrumental bases are reminiscent of cult bands like Nine Inch Nails, but with a hint of the legendary Rob Zombie’s fire. Formidable music, distant echoes of reality, distort levels of human feelings, and totally astonishing inventiveness make David music worth listening to by anybody who enjoys strong sound with a melancholy background. So we conclude saying that David is a total artist because he is investigating numerous creative perspectives at the same time and doesn’t know the word STOP, and we like him in this way. With no limits.

David and the Apocalypse is like a diamond, with multiple faces representing the various artistic styles in which he works.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®