Intellectual property of Joaquin Valdez Macher, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.

Joaquin Valdez Macher

Joaquin Valdez Macher’s art is the type of art to put in your life if your life is sad, grey, and dark since this artist has the ability to change everything in true colours, therefore we can say that Joaquin Valdez Macher’s colours can be an authentic remedy against modern melancholy. 
Joaquin is an artist who works on simple yet incredibly curated paintings that transport us all to a magical world of strange lights and allucinated tones that can be appreciated by anybody infact He does not force himself into installations or weird abstract compositions in order to gain a museal audience. His paintings are as pure, genuine, and honest as a child’s drawing. It’s as if Joaquin is painting with the ancient Ayahuasca or Mescalin magic, re-discovering in a modern fashion the ancient spiritual and lively world of native americans, thus we can claim that this art is one of the most real American artworks that you can observe in the market of modern American art. He’s most likely what we’d call a contemporary shaman! But in these strange magical compositions, all of his subjects are always white working class or white upper middle class from another century that look like our grandparents photos, so he’s giving us this strange combination of two worlds that fought each other long time ago but are now combinated in a unique spiritual way giving to all of us a peaceful sensation of love where natives and european invasors combined themselves in a unique no racist society. As a result, all Joaquin artworks are among the finest modern artworks created to demonstrate the force of integration, the melting pot, and a society without racial barriers that never existed but can now exist.
In a nutshell, Joaquin Valdez Macher is like Edward Hopper stepping outside of segregationist America and transporting us to a strange dimension where there is no time but just pure colour, allowing us to perceive the impossible as possible!

Come to Life, Come to Art ®