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Lucius Felimus

The only problem with Lucius Felimus’ art is that it’s extremely addictive!

We’ve talked about paintings, gifs, and other art media in previous reviews, but never in depth on the art of making videos. Videos are a curious new thing that has suddenly arisen in the art world. Yes, we know that artists have been creating video art since the 1960s! But what we want to emphasize is that videos have never had the same amount of exposure and crucial importance as they have today in our wild but also hilarious technological world. Just consider how frequently you watch a new video on your favorite social media network, or consider the strategic relevance of videos for platforms such as YouTube and TikTok to understand it. In fact, these two platforms could not exist without videos. They are not intended to display articles, messages, or images, but just VIDEOS. That is why, at HEL MORT®, we believe that videos have never had the same impact in our lives as they do today. In any case, these videos can be very useful for learning something, very hilarious situations that make us laugh, and occasionally very sad videos about disgraces like racism, wars, or crimes that make us utterly depressing. But among all of these people who create these kind of videos, some others push themselves every day to find new ways to create art. They spend hours and hours searching for the correct colors, frame, size, and perfection to make their videos spectacular! Lucius Felimus, a phenomenal artist from the Philippines, is one of these individuals. All of Lucius’ videos are visually stunning, with a remarkable mix of vibrant colors that transport the viewer through digital cities and futuristic landscapes. Some of you are probably thinking. My God, they’re already talking about cyberpunk at HEL MORT®. This is not entirely correct. We devote a lot of room to all types of art, but we dedicate a section of our reviews to artists that create cyberpunk art. Are you wondering why? The reason is simple. Cyberpunk is a type of art that we regard to be ultra-modern. Something that is saying something about us. As previously stated, we live in 2023 and have never experienced such a sci-fi atmosphere. A strange society in which a person like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or Jeff Bezos may dominate a whole planet simply by owning a website. We’ve never seen individuals spend half their lives on smartphones, computers, and new technologies as they do now. And only in the last few months have we seen the actual power of AI emerge, such as ChatGPT or the many AI art generators like MidJourney or StableDiffusion. All of this is unique to our time and is inextricably linked to us modifying our lives in a dystopic romance that appears to have been penned by William Gibson in person. I know you’re thinking we’re talking about something else right now, but we’re still talking about our artist. The reality is that all of this is about Lucius Felimus since, unlike others, he’s gazing directly into this window that depicts this “cyberpunk” part of the modern era. What Lucius is doing is simply pointing his finger towards the lights, the weird atmosphere we’re in now. In all of his works, there are millions of buildings with neon insignias of fake corporations that seem like the actual ones, such as McDonald’s, Apple, and Intel. Companies that own us one to one, much as in a cyberpunk novel. Companies that provide us with food on a daily basis, but also a job that frequently turns us into slaves of this age. And Lucius sees all of this through a romantic lens, as if he’s stopping time with his exquisite art to help us focus on what’s authentic. There is constantly a movement of cars in his amazing videos in these digital environments, flying like blood cells in our bloodstream. They’re rapid, fast, as if consumed by something, with no breaks in their unending loop, exactly like us now. So, once again, Lucius is exploring and reflecting the velocity of this period in his artworks. Another fascinating fact about this artist is that he not only works with videos, but also with pictures and photos, and we’ve always found the same subject in all of his artworks that we’ve adored. The city, the city, and while we were wondering why this guy is so preoccupied with cityscapes, the answer came to us in an instant since, like him and everyone else, we realized that this is modern life. Nobody lives in the countryside anymore! Take a look at the statistics! Massive masses are migrating to cities, and these cities are evolving from metropolises to giga-megalopolises. Places so large that they remind us of human hives rather than old good cities from the past. We appear to be bugs, and that is the main subject of Lucius’ art; he shows us with spectacular neon colors, dark alleys, human crowds, and velocity that we have transformed from humans to bugs! Is this a good or negative thing? We don’t know, but we do know that only Lucius and a few others can view the actual face of real human current existence in this way, making Lucius a rare artist genius!

If you want to be transported into the mystic world of a cyberpunk neon reality that is amazingly near to the reality of modern life, check out the fantastic art of Lucius Felimus since nobody else can genuinely comprehend what we’re living today and his enormous talent makes everything simply amazing!

Come to Life, Come to Art ®