Discover the transformative power of contemporary art with HEL MORT®. Our expert team carefully curates a unique and diverse collection of cutting-edge artworks that challenge conventions, inspire creativity, and reimagine the future of the art world. Perfect for both avid collectors and first-time buyers, our collection offers a range of styles and artists guaranteed to inspire and delight. Join us on a journey of discovery and elevate your art collection with tomorrow's visionaries. Explore our online gallery and experience the beauty, innovation, and excitement of HEL MORT®.



Our Artists

Can you provide the names of the artists who produce art for HEL MORT®?

HEL MORT® values the privacy of its artists and offers them the option of anonymity. This is due to the potential for negative comments, threats, and offensive language on the internet, which can impact an artist’s creative process. As a result, the names of the artists working within the brand are not disclosed. Only the CEO, founder, and main artist of HEL MORT® are publicly known. This is a business practice of the brand.

How many artists are currently working with HEL MORT®?

Who are the artists who collaborate with HEL MORT®?

HEL MORT® is proud to work with a diverse group of 62 professional artists, hailing from various parts of Europe. Some of these artists are well-known, while others prefer to remain anonymous. These talented individuals contribute to the brand through their skills in advertising, branding, photography, video production, and visual design. They also bring fresh ideas and concepts to major projects, such as our highly regarded paintings. All of these artists work in support of our CEO, director, and main artist, Hel Mort, who holds all rights to our paintings and prints and is the driving force behind much of our creative output.

Why are the names of the artists not included on HEL MORT® products?

At HEL MORT®, it is the company policy for all artists to remain anonymous and only have the name of the CEO, Director, and primary artist, Hel Mort, appear on our products. This decision was made democratically by all members of the brand, and it is intended to present a cohesive and unified image to the public. By having only one name associated with the final artwork, we aim to establish a strong, singular brand identity.

Why do some artist names appear on HEL MORT® website while others do not?

HEL MORT® has established partnerships with artists in three distinct ways. The first and most prominent collaboration is the in-house production of artworks with the main artist, CEO, and director, Hel Mort, which are sold globally as HEL MORT® original artworks. The second type of partnership involves external artists who have the opportunity to be reviewed, sponsored, or have their artworks put up for sale in a manner similar to that of a traditional art gallery. In this case, HEL MORT® always uses the original artist’s name or nickname, providing them with 100% of the copyrights and respecting their decisions. The third type of collaboration offered by HEL MORT® involves artists transferring 100% of the rights of their artwork, including paintings, designs, movies, music, and colors, to the brand. These works are then marketed as HEL MORT® products, and the artists are promptly compensated for their efforts. HEL MORT® values the decisions of these artists and always endeavors to honor them.

Who holds the copyright for the final paintings produced by HEL MORT®?

The ownership of all final copyrights for HEL MORT® art is held solely by HEL MORT® and its CEO, director, and main artist, Hel Mort (born as Mauro Tondo). This exclusivity of ownership is an essential aspect of our business and reflects the vision and leadership of Hel Mort, who has been instrumental in establishing and cultivating the brand’s reputation as a premier destination for high-quality, original artwork.

Is HEL MORT® an individual artist, an art collective, or a studio?

HEL MORT® is a contemporary art brand that is revolutionizing the art market through its innovative approach, which combines the features of a fashion brand, digital marketing, and contemporary art. Rather than being a single artist, collective, studio, or traditional art gallery, HEL MORT® represents a new type of experimental business that creates and operates in a unique way, with its own set of rules that defy conventional categorization. This pioneering approach has allowed HEL MORT® to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of the art industry.

If I need to attribute an artwork to a specific artist, who should I mention?

Simply HEL MORT®, and we like it that way! 

Is HEL MORT® a person or just a brand name?

HEL MORT® is a premier art brand name founded and led by the renowned artist, CEO, and director, Hel Mort. The brand name is derived from the artist’s own name, which serves as a testament to the passion and vision that drive the company’s success. With a focus on innovation and excellence, HEL MORT® is dedicated to delivering the highest quality art experiences to its customers.

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