Intellectual property of Pietro Mancini, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.

Pietro Mancini

Pietro Mancini Art is just fashion, an astonishing stylish voyage between recent history and the present age of digital creations; all of his artworks, in fact, are attempting to transport us to a not-too-distant era of mankind in sorrowful dark uniforms fighting in world wars. 

His artworks full of these grey figures, like in old photos of our grandparents, are attempting to explain the desolation of a war without a sense fought by people without a name and, in some cases, without a soul, their brutal appearance is impersonal, frigid, and we can’t identify anything of human at all. At some ways, these people resemble mannequins in an empty building; they appear to be ghosts; they’re not scary, not beautiful, but they’re blank, so indifferent that we can’t feel anything for them! And this is Pietro Mancini’s ability: to show us the war for what it truly is: a senseless dimension in which people no longer count and are only lethal toys in the hands of robotic generals and politicians devoid of emotions and focused solely on strategy. But, if we look carefully, we can see round and colourful geometric figures around the combatants’ heads, as if they were saints from some mediaeval cathedral with a golden halo trying to express some kind of purity, because, after all, no one can really accuse these people who died or continue to die on battlefields. In fact, the artist accuses the old and present possibilities of stupid manipulations that brought civilization into a war while also demonstrating how these people are still corrupted by a still current propaganda that connects war with fabricated ideals like honour, respect, code, patriotism, and many other words that immediately vanish when a bullet kills the first man and the battlefield becomes filthy with human blood, faeces and tears. So Pietro Mancini art is the ideal art to collect and consider during the 2022 season because it has the ability to remember and demonstrate us the insanity of war as an instrument of power held in the hands of crazy people from the past or present, such as Putin and other individuals who are attempting to bring all of us into a nuclear world war. Pietro Mancini’s art is a manifest, a manifest of not just one generation, but all generations born after WWII, who reject the idea of war as a solution, and he’s right, because nobody wants it, nobody likes it, and all of us want to live simply in peace and stop thinking that war can still happen in our era, and these artworks are screaming “Make art, not war! Live your life and don’t die for these fools!”…

Pietro Mancini Art is opposed to all forms of fascism, militarism, and any ideal that can lead to our death and this is absolutely important today more than ever.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®