Intellectual property of SalvoIn3D, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.


Where’s SalvoIn3D? Maybe somewhere else, in a far, far away realm where he’s the god of his planet and simple humans like you and me have no access because what this artist sees is definitely so unique that only he in fact can see the truth of his own dimension! 
Don’t ask SalvoIn3D what he was trying to reach, what he was thinking, or what he was representing when he created his masterpieces because you risk breaking the mystical mystery behind its outstanding art. Simply follow his path with interest and recognise all of the small puzzle pieces that he is offering you. Don’t rationalise at all, just listen to his melody, listen to what his art is trying to communicate to you because SalvoIn3D is not working on an artwork that is meant to be read but only felt by his admirers. Only now, when you know how to approach SalvoIn3D Art, can you sense the intense energy emanating from his artworks and recognise this artist’s remarkable skills! His subjects are exploring the deep human psyche like the finger of Adam is trying to touch the finger of God in the Sistine Chapel ceiling in Rome, in any single spot of his artworks you can find the heart of humanity questioning what life is and the answer is always in front of our eyes: Solitude. Immensity. Anxiety. Discovery. Cosmos. These five ideas are precisely the primary themes of SalvoIn3D Art, and he knows how to express all of them without ever being boring or pompous; rather, in his art, we always find something infantile, dramatically satirical, as only good philosophers can. SalvoIn3D works with 3D renders and new technology to show us the alternate state of conscience that we fall into every day when we dream or when we are alone for five seconds and recognise the connection between us and the deadly silence of the universe, when we’re connected with something bigger than us and we feel like microscopic ants fighting for a small insignificant piece of dirt that we call world. And that is this artist’s most captivating skill: remembering us, in an era of arrogant technology and ferocious egoism, who we really are.
Stop calling SalvoIn3D an artist; maybe we should start calling him POET.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®