Intellectual property of Sijesns, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.


This is the story of a girl, a cat, and a skeleton. We know it sounds like a weird fairy tale, but it’s real life, the true life of a brilliant painter who demonstrates the power of love and death. We can use a famous Oscar Wilde quote from one of his most renowned books to characterise this artist: “You can open for me the portals of death’s house, for love is always with you, and love is stronger than death is.” 

We used this quote because we typically imagine the very end of our lives as something dark and frightening, but (Jessica Jane) Sijesns’s paintings always depict a new coloured dimension full of marvellous aspects where we can find what we really love and never what will destroy us. This is because of the way Sijesns creates art, which essentially gives us a different perspective on life and death. Maybe she knows this role in her art, maybe she doesn’t and she’s just following her instincts in an unconscious way, but she’s showing what all of us humans feel every day: the constant coesistence between death and love. Usually, we don’t want to talk about death, but our ancestors did a lot, especially in Renaissance and medieval art, when they represented death as a skeleton coming in front of a beautiful woman to remind us that everything is fragile, that vanity is fleeting, that beauty will fade, and that only love counts in this life. So Sijesns’s secret message is REMEMBER. Remember who you are, what you are doing, enjoy your life, love whomever you choose to love, and live your small life forever! And who can we truly love in this world where everything is noisy, our brains are always connected to computers and screens, and the dreadful sound of a rapid culture is driving us insane? Who else can do it but our animals? Partners, relatives, and people are all humans, and they, like everyone else, are simply noise in this confusing environment, but an animal, a pet, can be your very best friend in this miserable condition that we live in every day. So, in all of Sijesns’s paintings, cats, dogs, or another humourous pet takes their place as the stars of the composition, and with their fluffy appearance, they disturbs the message of the skeleton that reminds us that we will die one day! Like an ancient totem from a prehistoric tribe or a guardian angel, they saying to us: “Don’t worry, it’s not so important what the skeleton says, I’m here!” leading us already to follow colours, images, flowers, and appreciate nature in all its splendour! So this is the awakening world of Sijesn’s art, a place for spirituality, humour, colours, femininity, and a multitude of good messages designed to make us better people with just a delicate touch of her brushes!

Sijesns (Jessica Jane) art is defining the Yin Yang of Love and Death.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®