Intellectual property of Steven Van Hasten, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.

Steven Van Hasten

If you meet Steven Van Hasten’s painting for the first time, it’s like sitting at the table of Lewis Carroll’s Hatter and drinking a strange blue pinky tea with him, Alice, and the March Hare in a completely insane vivid world of pure illusion. 
Steven is the type of genius who elevates illustration above other art styles because, with his masterful skills, he knows how to mix incredible surrealism with some peculiar childish toys from another century, always offering some kind of joyful malincholia for something that we don’t really understand but can truly feel. Steven is different from other artists because, in some ways, he’s like a modern Salvador Dali playing with his colourful toys, creating very intricate, absolutely gorgeous, and shockingly perfect works of art in the process. Don’t think for a second that his art is simple because, with an accurate look, you can see how he’s working very hard on any minute aspect, colour, and personality to give narrative, strength, and poetry.
In a sentence, Steven Van Hasten is not creating art, but rather dreams, as only geniuses can.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®