Intellectual property of Zannen.Pixel, original artworks used for non-commercial purposes by HEL MORT®.


Zannen Art is like a nightmare or a vivid dream, a true extreme nightmare as when you have eaten too much cheese and you wake up during a strange summer night, soaked in sweat, and everything around you is silence except for the crickets singing to the pale moon. You try not to think about the strange dream you had; you don’t know for a moment if it was reality or just a dream because it was too vivid, real, and palpable, so you tell yourself “It was just a dream,” but you keep thinking about it, again and again, probably for hours, perhaps for the rest of the day!

Anyway, strangely, it’s funny how Zannen is a new kind of artist that the art market usually doesn’t remember or consider at all. Galleries, Museums, and Art Magazines all ignore Zannen or people like him, viewing his artworks as a childish boring product of the internet, nothing more than a banal pop up to avoid at all costs. But here at HEL MORT®, we know what the true art is, we don’t follow rules, and we know who Zannen is, consequently we consider him a true genius of our age! Why? Because Zannen is studying and developing a new approach to creating “vintage” art for Millenials by using new media. Maybe you can’t feel the same type of energy if you’re a baby boomer since you never experienced the good old days of the first Super Mario on NES or when Windows 95 debuted on our screens with its huge and pale tones that are nice memories of childhood for all of this generation. Infact, If you’re a millennial, you can still experience the same grain and noises of watching pirated VHS tapes with your friends through Zannen art. You can also relive the smell of a brand-new arcade game in an amusement arcade full of little bullies competing against one another in Street Fighter. Zannen art also features designs from classic Japanese animations like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Ghost in the Shell, and Akira. So Zannen Art is a complete and deep journey into the mind of an average millenial; looking at his gifs is like walking directly into the heart of a generation that doesn’t speak much because they don’t have a strong enough voice to be heard by older generations who consider their hobbies and culture to be unimportant even today. A generation made up of extremely different yet similar people who live in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other locations where the traditional barriers have crumbled since the arrival of the internet in the year 2000. We know that this art was not created with paintings, oils, photography, or other common media and cannot be hung on walls, but it was created with a computer and some animation software and can be viewed on a browser, but we don’t mind at HEL MORT® because we believe that art is everywhere and can be created with anything! And we believe that as the world evolves and changes, so should art and its media! So we give Zannen Art the same importance that we give to a Rembrandt piece or a mediaeval painting because this artist is speaking about his times, his generation, and doing so with fantasy and an epic sense of design that will only be understood in the next centuries because new generations will ask “Who were these people who lived between the 1990s and 2100? How did they live? “like we do today when we see elegant costumes and distant faces of people who look like us but are extremely different from us in antique paintings in our museums.

Zannen is the artist that is celebrating an entire generation with melancholy, horror, and outstanding design!

Come to Life, Come to Art ®