Delight in the refined exhibits at HEL MORT® Art Gallery from home or in person.

Experience the luxury and refinement of HEL MORT® by booking an appointment in-store, via phone, or by video.
Connect with a personal Client Advisor and allow them to guide you through the world of HEL MORT®, helping you to discover the Art that most interest you.

A luxurious in-store consultation session

As you embark on your journey with HEL MORT®, you will have the opportunity to engage with one of our highly trained and professional Client Advisors, who specialize in the realm of art. This skilled individual will work with you to curate a selection of artworks from both our latest collections and some of our most iconic pieces, carefully chosen to align with your personal preferences and passions. Upon arriving at our store, you will be presented with this hand-picked assortment of art for you to try on and consider, ensuring that your HEL MORT® experience is truly personalized and tailored to your unique interests.

Get expert guidance from a HEL MORT® Client Advisor

HEL MORT® extends a cordial invitation for you to join us for a private and refined video call session, where you may uncover gifting ideas, receive artistic guidance from our esteemed team, and explore the latest HEL MORT® art collections. You are welcome to join us at your leisure, or schedule a session for a date and time that is most suitable for you. During this exclusive opportunity, you will have the chance to delve into all that HEL MORT® has to offer, and receive personalized assistance as you consider your options. It would be our pleasure to connect with you and assist you in finding the perfect art pieces to suit your discerning tastes. We look forward to your presence during this luxurious and sophisticated session.