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Has HEL MORT® implemented a sustainable business strategy?

HEL MORT® is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and protecting nature through eco-friendly sourcing, low-impact materials, sustainable production, and circular technologies. The studio prioritizes human rights, inclusivity, and ethical practices. By carefully selecting and tracing raw materials, it ensures compliance with international social and environmental standards, maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability across the entire supply chain.

How does HEL MORT® assess its environmental impact?

HEL MORT® adheres to global standards for social and environmental responsibility, ensuring ethical and sustainable operations. From sourcing raw materials to supply chain management, the studio prioritize transparency, accountability, and environmental protection, promoting social well-being.

What is HEL MORT®'s stance on recycled and single-use plastic?

HEL MORT® prioritizes sustainability, employing eco-friendly materials and practices in crafting its art collections. Despite this focus, it never sacrifices superb craftsmanship or quality, ensuring its pieces contribute to a greener future.

Does HEL MORT® utilize eco-friendly packaging?

HEL MORT® minimizes ink use with packaging made from FSC-certified paper and cardboard, sourced sustainably. Plastic-free shipping and redesigned boxes for easy reuse further reflect our commitment to eco-friendly practices. Expanding efforts ensure ongoing integration of sustainable packaging into logistics operations.

Does HEL MORT® offer products that are free from animal products?

HEL MORT® firmly opposes using any animal-derived materials in its art installations and products, including glues, fur, and bones. This commitment reflects its values of sustainability and respect for all living beings, contributing to a more compassionate world.

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