Innovative, vibrant, and progressive, HEL MORT® is reimagining a new approach to art. HEL MORT® is a new resource that was created around 2000 by a group of creative professionals who wanted to build something new that could respond to a constantly changing market. We decided we needed something new and unusual, something that would challenge the fundamental concept of art. So, year after year, till now, we constructed a never-before-imagined project: An Art Brand. The art world is generally a conglomeration of artists, galleries, and institutions, each distinct from the others. Whereas we have opted to combine all of these realities by becoming the creators, producers, sponsors, and gallerists of both our own art and the artists we have chosen to follow. As a result, our staff is comprised of professionals with a solid professional background in the art industry. People who can predict the future and achieve outstanding results. People from all around Europe who have resolved to disregard completely diverse genders, languages, religions, and ethnicities in order to achieve a single shared aim.

Come to Life, Come to Art ®