Discover the transformative power of contemporary art with HEL MORT®. Our expert team carefully curates a unique and diverse collection of cutting-edge artworks that challenge conventions, inspire creativity, and reimagine the future of the art world. Perfect for both avid collectors and first-time buyers, our collection offers a range of styles and artists guaranteed to inspire and delight. Join us on a journey of discovery and elevate your art collection with tomorrow's visionaries. Explore our online gallery and experience the beauty, innovation, and excitement of HEL MORT®.



Who's Hel Mort?

Who is Hel Mort?

Hel Mort is a pioneering figure in his industry. As the pseudonym of the British-Italian founder, CEO, and primary artist of the art brand HEL MORT®, he brings a diverse range of skills and expertise to the table. With degrees in informatics and electronic engineering, as well as a background as a professional artist and art industry expert, Hel Mort has the knowledge and experience to lead his company to success.

Under Hel Mort’s leadership, the brand has evolved into a modern and highly respected name in the art world. With a vision to modernize the industry through the incorporation of technology, big data, analytics, and AI, he is always looking for ways to push the boundaries and bring something new and innovative to the table. At the same time, he is deeply committed to preserving his French, British, and Italian cultural heritage, ensuring that the brand’s artworks reflect these rich traditions.

With his professionalism and dedication to excellence, it is no surprise that Hel Mort is a respected and accomplished figure in the art industry. His unique blend of skills and vision make him a valuable leader and innovator in the field.

Why do I not have articles, interviews, or art news about Hel Mort?

Hel Mort is a visionary leader who is deeply committed to the success of his company. As the founder and driving force behind HEL MORT®, he works closely with the talented artists and team members who bring the brand to life, focusing on maintaining the company’s high standards and international visibility.

To ensure that he can fully dedicate himself to this mission, Hel Mort typically does not engage in activities such as interviews or writing biographies that could potentially distract from the work at hand. Instead, he remains laser-focused on driving the company forward and ensuring that it continues to thrive and innovate.

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In what way is Hel Mort connected with the HEL MORT® brand?

Hel Mort is a visionary and driven leader who plays a central role in the success of his company. As the founder and CEO of HEL MORT®, he has remained closely involved in all aspects of its operations since its inception in 2000. As the head of the team, he is responsible for ensuring the quality of the marketing strategies and ideas presented to the public and is highly dedicated to his work, taking his responsibilities very seriously.

In addition to his managerial duties, Hel Mort is also a prolific artist who is personally responsible for creating many of the brand’s artworks. His dedication to his craft and the success of the brand is evident in all that he does, including the selection of new artists to join the team and campaigns.

Overall, Hel Mort’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in the continued success of HEL MORT®. His passion and commitment to the brand are evident in all that he does, making him a key driving force behind the company’s success.

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