Discover the transformative power of contemporary art with HEL MORT®. Our expert team carefully curates a unique and diverse collection of cutting-edge artworks that challenge conventions, inspire creativity, and reimagine the future of the art world. Perfect for both avid collectors and first-time buyers, our collection offers a range of styles and artists guaranteed to inspire and delight. Join us on a journey of discovery and elevate your art collection with tomorrow's visionaries. Explore our online gallery and experience the beauty, innovation, and excitement of HEL MORT®.




How can I send a gift through HEL MORT®?

During the online checkout process for your Customized Order Art on, you will have the option to add a personalized gift message and remove the price from the purchase invoice. Additionally, all Customized Order Art orders on come with free gift wrapping. If you are purchasing products from one of our partner stores, please check their company options to see if a gift option is available.

What options do I have for personalizing a gift from HEL MORT®?

HEL MORT® offers several gifting options for Customized Order Art, including complimentary gift wrapping and personalized gift suggestions. Our iconic packaging is designed to be recyclable, reflecting our commitment to modern, inspired aesthetics.

If you need help choosing a gift, HEL MORT® is available to assist you. We can provide recommendations based on your budget, product preferences, and other personal characteristics. To speak with HEL MORT® and receive an artistic shopping experience, please visit our Contact Us page.

Is it possible to exchange or return a gift that I received from someone else through HEL MORT®?

After a Customized Order Art item has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled, modified, or refunded. These items are final sale and cannot be returned.

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