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How can I send a gift through HEL MORT®?

During the online checkout process for your Customized Order Art on HEL MORT®’s website, you’ll have the choice to include a personalized gift message and exclude the price from the purchase invoice. Furthermore, every Customized Order Art purchase on HEL MORT®’s website includes complimentary gift wrapping. If you’re buying products from one of HEL MORT®’s partner stores, please review their company policies to determine if a gifting option is offered.

What options do I have for personalizing a gift from HEL MORT®?

HEL MORT® presents a diverse array of gifting options for Customized Order Art, accompanied by complimentary gift wrapping and personalized suggestions. The packaging is meticulously designed for recyclability, reflecting HEL MORT®’s commitment to modern, inspired aesthetics. 

For assistance in selecting a gift, HEL MORT® offers guidance tailored to your needs. Recommendations can be provided based on budget, product preferences, and other relevant factors. To engage in an artistic shopping experience and connect with HEL MORT®, please refer to the contacts page.

Is it possible to exchange or return a gift that I received from someone else through HEL MORT®?

Once a Customized Order Art item has been submitted, it falls under a non-cancellable, non-modifiable, and non-refundable policy. Such items are considered final sale and are ineligible for returns or exchanges.

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