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Product Information

Which products are available for purchase on HELMORT.com?

HELMORT.com offers a variety of creative products, including paintings, prints, NFTs, fashion, décor, luxury, and ready-to-wear. You can browse the partner stores or explore the limited-edition collections on HELMORT.com. Custom-made and personalized items are also available.

Each product is labeled with its availability: Limited Edition, Open Edition, or Special Edition.

• Open Edition products have an indefinite number of editions available for sale.

• Limited Edition products have a maximum of 3 copies available for sale.

• Special Edition products have only one unique product available for sale.

Customized Order Art is produced upon request and is always a single, limited edition with no copies. HEL MORT® does not resell the idea or design to anyone. Upon placing your order, HEL MORT® will contact you to confirm the details and process your payment.

What if a product is not available?

If the item or size you have selected is not available for purchase on HELMORT.com or at one of its partner stores, you can locate it at the nearest HEL MORT® extra partner store using the “Find in Store” feature on the specific page. If you require further assistance, please refer to the contacts section.

Does HEL MORT® provide online sales?

HEL MORT® offers sales online through partner stores. Sale items are exclusively available at HEL MORT® shop locations. To find your nearest shop, please visit our Store Locator. HEL MORT® don’t offers direct sales only for customizable products.

Does HEL MORT® go on sale?

HEL MORT® does not participate in sales events such as Black Friday or private sales on HELMORT.COM. If you notice HEL MORT® items being sold at reduced, sale, or clearance prices that are not from an official HEL MORT® partner shop, the items are likely counterfeit or the artwork has been stolen or duplicated online and sold illegally, breaching HEL MORT®’s copyright.

Where are HEL MORT® products manufactured?

HEL MORT® products are meticulously crafted using premium materials, superior design, and exemplary workmanship. The majority of the main products are thoughtfully designed in United Kingdom and Italy and meticulously manufactured in Germany. However, there are collaborations with partner stores to offer prints produced in the USA, France, Australia, Spain, and the UK. Additionally, wearable products are sourced from Canada, while decor products originate from the EU and USA.

Aligned with the dedication to responsible procurement, HEL MORT® consistently strives to discover more sustainable materials and production practices. The objective is to create items that have a reduced environmental impact, all while upholding an unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. The HEL MORT® Sustainability page provides further insight into sustainable business practices.

What are Customized Order Art items?

Customized Art items are exclusively created upon request. Each piece is meticulously crafted to order and remains a unique, limited edition without any duplicates. HEL MORT® does not sell the concept or design to any other party. Upon placing your purchase, HEL MORT® will promptly reach out to you to verify the specifics and facilitate the payment process. Subsequently, your item will be meticulously designed exclusively for you.

Please be aware that only paintings and prints are available as made-to-order items.

Kindly note that once a Made-to-Order item has been successfully submitted, it cannot be cancelled, modified, or returned for a refund. These items are considered final sale.

How can I confirm the authenticity of an artwork I have?

Does HEL MORT® guarantee the authenticity of all products sold on HELMORT.com?

HEL MORT® artworks are meticulously crafted using the finest materials, designs, and craftsmanship. The logo is an integral component of the HEL MORT® brand, symbolizing growth and fortitude that strengthens with each passing day. This unwavering commitment has propelled HEL MORT® to become one of the most coveted global brands.

With every purchase of a limited edition original artwork, customers can expect to receive a certificate of authenticity, featuring a handwritten signature by the artist HEL MORT. For items sold outside the EU, a BENI CULTURALI certificate is included to verify the authenticity of the artwork, previously designed in Italy.

The HEL MORT® logo is prominently displayed on the front of prints, paintings, and original creations, serving as a testament to the brand’s authenticity.

Rest assured that HEL MORT® guarantees the genuineness of all products bought on HELMORT.com and at authorized HEL MORT® partner stores.

Counterfeit HEL MORT® products are fraudulent imitations or reproductions of the original artworks, deliberately designed to deceive consumers. These counterfeit items are often of substandard quality, lacking the intricate details and craftsmanship that distinguish genuine HEL MORT® products.

If you come across any counterfeit products or suspect websites, we kindly request that you report them by sending an email to [email protected]. Please provide as much descriptive information as possible regarding the products or website in question.

What are the steps that HEL MORT® has taken to promote sustainability and responsible shopping?

HEL MORT® is committed to promoting sustainability and caring for both people and the environment. HEL MORT® continuously seeks out sustainable materials and production methods to minimize environmental impact and develop innovative solutions. HEL MORT® is dedicated to supporting those who assist in achieving these goals.

HEL MORT® has already begun the path to sustainability by using organic textiles and repurposed resources. Wood crates are not used for shipments; instead, HEL MORT® opts for strong cardboard with minimal plastic. The production process in Germany has achieved carbon neutrality, and HEL MORT® is devoted to upholding this commitment as part of the Culture of Purpose.

To learn more about HEL MORT®’s commitment to sustainability and how the organization maintains it throughout, please visit the Sustainability page.

Is it possible to apply the HEL MORT® Certificate of Authenticity to a previously purchased product?

Can I request a new certificate if I have lost the original?

HEL MORT® is dedicated to providing continuous assistance to both new and existing customers in the authentication of their artwork. To initiate the process, please kindly forward an email to [email protected], including a photograph of your artwork. Subsequently, HEL MORT® will promptly issue a Certificate of Authenticity, available via email or shipment, subject to a nominal fee. Additionally, rest assured that HEL MORT® will maintain a comprehensive record of your artwork for future reference.

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