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Is a sustainable business strategy implemented by HEL MORT®?

HEL MORT® is committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and safeguarding the natural world through the adoption of eco-conscious sourcing alternatives, employing low-impact materials, utilizing sustainable production techniques, and embracing circular technologies. Furthermore, we place paramount importance on upholding human rights and promoting inclusivity, while upholding ethical and sustainable practices across our operations. From the careful selection and traceability of our raw materials, we ensure compliance with internationally recognized standards for social and environmental responsibility, aligning with our own steadfast dedication to sustainability. This unwavering commitment extends throughout our entire supply chain.

How does HEL MORT® assess its environmental impact?

HEL MORT® ensures that internationally recognized standards for social and environmental responsibility are meticulously followed and aligned with our commitment to ethical and sustainable operations management. This commitment starts with the careful selection and traceability of raw materials, and extends throughout our supply chain, both internally and externally. By upholding these standards, HEL MORT® demonstrates its dedication to protecting the environment and promoting social well-being, while fostering transparency and accountability in all aspects of our operations.

What is the position of HEL MORT® on recycled and single-use plastic?

To minimize its environmental impact, HEL MORT® is dedicated to employing low-impact materials and adopting sustainable production practices for its art collections. Despite this commitment, HEL MORT® never compromises on excellent craftsmanship and quality. By utilizing eco-friendly materials and implementing sustainable production techniques, HEL MORT® ensures that its art collections not only showcase impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional quality but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Does HEL MORT® utilize eco-friendly packaging?

To minimize ink usage, HEL MORT® has developed packaging solutions using raw cardboard and carefully crafted with FSC-certified paper and cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests. Plastic has been completely eliminated from product shipments, replaced with paper sourced from sustainable origins. Furthermore, HEL MORT® has redesigned its boxes to facilitate convenient reuse. Moreover, HEL MORT® is actively expanding its efforts to integrate more sustainable packaging methods and materials into its logistics operations, ensuring a continuous commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Does HEL MORT® offer products that are free from animal products?

HEL MORT® has taken a firm stance against the use of any animal-derived materials in the design and production of its art installations and products. This commitment extends to substances such as glues, fur, bones, and all other materials obtained from animals. By strictly adhering to this principle, HEL MORT® ensures that its offerings are completely free from animal-derived components. This dedication aligns with HEL MORT®’s core values of sustainability, ethical responsibility, and respect for all living beings. By prioritizing animal-free products, HEL MORT® strives to minimize any negative impact on animals and actively contribute to building a more sustainable and compassionate world.

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